Mission & Vision

Our Mission

  • To provide high quality education, develop technical and managerial skills, innovative research capabilities so as to enable the diploma graduating engineers serve the society better with the ethical values.
  • To achieve the goal of SDG through technical education and to play a role in poverty alleviation.
  • To make the unemployed people self-employed by imparting skill training on appropriate technology.
  • To innovate new strategies aimed at accelerating national development and prosperity.
  • To provide training to the Teachers and employees for raising technical and social awareness.
  • Maintain liaison with domestic and international technical organizations and participate in professional development activities.
  • To provide advice and assistance to the government in formulating technical education policy.

Our Vision

  • To become one of the most reputed Polytechnic Institutes & stand among the top 5 Institutes while achieving highest level of satisfaction, quality, professional values and contributing to technological, economic and social development of the country.
  • Creating skilled manpower in the country through expansion of technical education.
  • Human resource development of the country by making Bangladesh a middle-income country by 2021
  • Achieving economic prosperity and improving the quality of life.