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BSPI has the hostel facility both for Male & Female students. It has three hostel buildings of its own. Two is dedicated for male students and one is for female students. All Hostel are controlled and supervised by the BSPI Hostel authority.

The one double storey hostel named “Swedish Hostel” building is a modern structure with an accommodation for 176 students and another is three storey hostel named “Jahangir Hostel” with an accommodation for 88 students with dining facility. Both are luxuriously furnished with common rooms, and indoor game facilities. The dining system is maintained by students with the help of hostel authority.

“Swedish Female Hostel” building is also a modern structure with an accommodation for 60 female students where every room of the hostel has attached bath, toilet, wash room and sufficient number of furniture to accommodate female students. The common room, canteen, sounds and attractive atmosphere of the area is helpful for carrying out study by the female students pleasantly.

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