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A Diploma Engineer of Electrical Technology can serve in Govt. Non-Govt. and Private sector. In the Govt. sector they can serve in PDB, DESA, DESCO, Rural Electricity, Power Production Projects, Several Govt. mills and factories, power stations, operation and circuit oriented companies as a Sub-Assistant Engineer. In the private sector they can serve in Solar Companies, Housing Companies, Circuit-Oriented Companies, in the private power production companies, in the companies of electrical and electronic products etc as an Assistant or Sub-Assistant Engineer. An Electrical Engineer can also work as an Instructor in the Govt. & Private polytechnic institutes. They have also the opportunity to work in abroad as a supervisor or head electrician in USA, UK, Singapore, Oman, Bahrain and other Middle-East countries and they can earn lots of foreign exchanges. For this electric engineer there is a mass chance to get higher degree both in public and private universities especially in EEE Technology. They have also the opportunity to get the higher degree in abroad. Career : Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering.

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